SoftEtherGUI Features

The following features are supported:

  • Starting and stopping SoftEtherVPN client
  • Creating, deleting and modifying accounts
  • Connecting and disconnecting accounts from menu bar
  • Connection timer in the menu bar can be shown or hidden
  • You can enable or disable remote DNS
  • You can redirect all traffic through VPN connection
  • You can view debug log from the application
  • OS notifications are shown when account is connected, disconnected and when IP address is acquired

Redirect all traffic and remote DNS can be changed during the session (on the fly)


  • Only one concurrent connected session is currently supported
  • If you have trouble with activating SoftEther, it's probably due to tuntap driver failing to start. Try to manually install tuntap from If SoftEtherGUI detects loaded tap driver, it will try to use it instead of loading it's own.