• Account name can now contain spaces and special characters


  • Responsiveness and speed improvement
  • Changed external commands using vpncmd to internal implementation
    • As a result vpncmd binary is removed from the product
  • Improved timer logic (now based on internal SoftEtherVPN counters)
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Bug fixes


  • Addition of internal tap driver (from http://tuntaposx.sourceforge.net)
    • In case installed tap driver is found, it is used by the application. If absent, it will load internal driver at start and unload when exited
  • Saving of configuration to OS Keychain
  • In case of upgrade, settings are retreived from OS Keychain
  • Log window now available for troubleshooting
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial version
  • Configuration of SoftEtherVPN accounts
  • Connect/Disconnect of accounts
  • Remote DNS setting
  • Redirect all traffic setting
  • Connection timer for connected session
  • Display of connection time in menu bar (system tray)
  • Persistent settings